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Spinning Spinning
Yup that time of season again. A bit bitter sweet without fred though.
The IWFL honored fred by naming the Allstar game after him, the trophy is awesome. Made me cry and many others as well.
Championship weekend was last weekend, and Mathlete came with me. I didn't see much of her she volunteered and did an awesome job.
Kids football started up, this year I am the Prez, and because I am changing things up I lost a few coaches, meaning I have to coach. Not so bad, just crazy, crazy busy.
I hope everyone is doing their thing and smiling, I am.

I have been looking for this poem for a while - The Invitation by Oriah
The Invitation by OriahCollapse )

M Turns 15 Today
She has grown into such an amazing person.
We are headed to the steakhouse with lots of family it should be fun.
Have a great day everyone.

This months horoscope
There are reasons I stopped getting these, I don't always want to know the future, and for me they have been close to dead on.
Really relationships? I know I got it. I am listening Universe - can I get a break? I could check my future months but I am not ready to see that this morning.

As the year gets going on the 1st, you might want to devote a little bit of time to thinking about relationships. How is your romantic life? How are your friendships? How are your familial relationships? How well do you get along with your colleagues? How well do you know them? How well do you know yourself? It's never a bad idea to touch base with these issues, and now you could have some real insights. You really want to connect on the 4th and 5th. And by golly, you should. Go to the gym (or to yoga, or swimming) on the 10th or 11th, even if you would rather lounge around in your pajamas eating chocolate cake. After you've worked out, you can have some chocolate cake. And go back to lounging, if you still feel like it, too. You should be sure to take plenty of time to listen to the voices in your head on the fabulous 12th, 13th and 14th. They are whispering all kinds of inspiring things! You might produce some amazing work right now! Embrace the eccentric on the 19th, 20th and 21st. Don't block out difficult emotions on the 25th. Pay attention to details on the 29th and 30th.

Roller Coaster
Red Headed Slut
I am tired of this roller coaster I am on.
I am going to get back to what I like to do, and with people I like to do them with.
You all know who you are, I plan on going to Boston again starting in Feb.
The changes won't be easy, but they are necessary.
Despite some hold backs these are the changes I am proud of this year:
Surviving another Football Season with the Women's League despite the usual management crap.
Being a part of Jr's wedding to a wonderful man.
Being a part of my BFFs wedding to a wonderful woman.
Brought a new child into my life, and am happy to call her mine (2 teenagers now!)
Kept on moving when my brain was full of slogish emotions
Realized once its dead, trying to bring it back to life really is pointless. Dead is dead Gone isn't dead either, they are different
I have loved and lost, and still hold onto the respect for what was (if I can hold the sadness to a minimum I will be even happier)
Became President of another football organization, next year will be fun- oh but my sites for the future are still in the works on this front.

Look out world Here I come.

I have 3seconds to post. Life is so busy and packed to the last second. Going to texas on Thursday, 2weeks left for regular season football. Ms concussion is taking time to heal. Struggling with D and her guardianship, but we will figure it out. J has been really good about stuff lately. Annnnnd times up.

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Morning post
Red Headed Slut
I was up late chatting last night, I have not done that in a long time.
My migraine medicine had enough caffeine to keep an army awake, so it took me until midnight to go to bed, and probably 1am to fall asleep.

California sent me this rocking picture that was on my mind the entire time I was awake, and into my dreams. Did I mention we have a date in October? October seems like so far away.

I woke up at 5am for no reason, and insisted on staying in bed till 6am, when one of the dogs sounded like he got sick in their crate. I got up to change their bedding and check on them, but there was no physical yick. So I went back to bed for a few more moments, I couldn't take it anymore and got up.

Headed to DD, then the Equipment Shed, then the field. Woonsocket Redskins Week 3 of 9 on the way. Its going to be a wet one today.

Thinking of my mom...not overly sad just thinking
Time of day i can't recall
The kind of thing that takes it's toll
Over years and over time
Over smiles and over wine

All in all it wasn't bad
All in all it wasn't good

But i still care
That's the problem with the days
They're never long enough to say
What it is you never said
All the books you never read

I throw myself into the wind
Hoping somebody will pick me up
And carry me again

Where are you now
Do you let me down
Do you make me grieve for you
Do i make you proud
Do you get me now
Am i your pride and joy

I believe this to be true
Nothing sacred nothing new
No one tells you when its time
There are no warnings only signs

And you know that you're alone
You're not a child anymore
But you're still scared

All your mountains turn to rocks
All your oceans turn to drops
They are nothing like you thought
Can't be something you are not

Life is not a looking glass
Don't get tangled in your past
Like i am learning not to

Where are you now
Do you let me down
Do you make me grieve for you
Do i make you proud
Do you get me now
Am i your pride joy

Saturdays off
Saturday is clean the house, and prep for Sunday games.
The floors are washed, the dogs groomed, the pool vacuumed, and my ankle twisted (fell off the pool deck). I have to review the rosters for tomorrow, but that won't take me to long.
I think I am going to chill out and relax on the couch today. I never know what to do on my non-football days besides catch up on all the house stuff that I didn't do during the week because I was at football practice.
Waiting for the rain, and hoping the games don't get canceled because the field is flooded.

I know this is a fluffy post, I wanted to post something deeper but my brain decided no. So fluffy it is..


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