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Roller Coaster
Red Headed Slut
I am tired of this roller coaster I am on.
I am going to get back to what I like to do, and with people I like to do them with.
You all know who you are, I plan on going to Boston again starting in Feb.
The changes won't be easy, but they are necessary.
Despite some hold backs these are the changes I am proud of this year:
Surviving another Football Season with the Women's League despite the usual management crap.
Being a part of Jr's wedding to a wonderful man.
Being a part of my BFFs wedding to a wonderful woman.
Brought a new child into my life, and am happy to call her mine (2 teenagers now!)
Kept on moving when my brain was full of slogish emotions
Realized once its dead, trying to bring it back to life really is pointless. Dead is dead Gone isn't dead either, they are different
I have loved and lost, and still hold onto the respect for what was (if I can hold the sadness to a minimum I will be even happier)
Became President of another football organization, next year will be fun- oh but my sites for the future are still in the works on this front.

Look out world Here I come.

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Be true to yourself.
In the end... that is who you will answer to.

Probably won't listen..

I know you feel perhaps selfish if you do what makes you happy...always instead doing what you "need"to do. I am telling you this is one of the keys you are missing. It is hard to trust in this principle...but if you make the choices that are aligned with your heart and soul...everything else will fall in place and be a million times better. You will have more pain and energy because you are doing things because you love to and want to...not because you are doing what you need to. <3

Sometimes its to late.

Sometimes you have to admit you were wrong...ask for another chance and perhaps even romance or hand over your heart...whatever it takes..

I showed all my cards, said how I felt, opened all I havet - she is worth all that and more.
I believe it is still to late.

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I sincerely hope that Karma has treated the more deserving with worse inner turmoil.

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