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Spinning Spinning
Yup that time of season again. A bit bitter sweet without fred though.
The IWFL honored fred by naming the Allstar game after him, the trophy is awesome. Made me cry and many others as well.
Championship weekend was last weekend, and Mathlete came with me. I didn't see much of her she volunteered and did an awesome job.
Kids football started up, this year I am the Prez, and because I am changing things up I lost a few coaches, meaning I have to coach. Not so bad, just crazy, crazy busy.
I hope everyone is doing their thing and smiling, I am.

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Thank you for posting. You have been very much in my thoughts. Fred would have been thrilled with the game being named for him. I can see his huge smile now. So, he kept telling me to watch the "Sons of Anarchy." I started watching it last weekend - he was right - it is good!

Take care of yourself. big hugs.

it's good to hear that you are keeping busy, and i know that in itself can be hard!
what a wonderful honor, naming the game after Fred! I am certain he is just thrilled by that and smiling as he looks down and watches over you and those he loves!
be well and,remember, your friends are here for you!

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