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Championship Weekend night 2
Todoay was registration for championship teams and all-stars. Then Press Conferences, then Meet and Greet. Lots of running up and down the conference building stairs.
Was stuck in the elevator, seems it can only carry 5-6 lineman, even thought 8-10 can fit in it.
Someone stole a laptop computer out of someone elses room, I am going to be putting a do not disturb sign on my room for the day.
My feet hurt, and my thighs are chaffed damn.
It was a good busy day in football.
Tomorrow hitting the field at before 7am. I should be breifly back in my room around 11 or 12 then out to the after party.
Swimming in football addiction, not such a bad thing.

Long Weekend 001
We made it to Texas (fred & I) after a long day of flying, we both worked registration. It went very smooth compared to the last few years.
Had a meeting, and finished typing my notes around 9:30 Texas time.
Was starving, so I walked around the corner to KFC. I could have crossed the highway for the only other walking distance food, Dairy Queen, but I am tired.
Had a mini chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes. My mouth is still a bit tender.

Glad to see the Intensity players here, feels like another old friends week.
Intenisty vs Majestics & Ravens vs Quake
I have to chase down one pesky media person, tomorrow, and work on registering my photographers, and media crews.
The officials will be done hours before the gameday. I am going to learn how to signal for a TV Timeout on Saturday as well. That will be fun.

Other wise its the start of another fung Championshii Weekend.
Sorry for the grammar and spelling, sooooooooooooo tired.

Wow I guess it has been a while....
beer, summer
I know I have not posted since Sweden.
My life’s adventures have pulled me into so many directions it is hard to keep them straight.
This week I fly off to Texas for another Championship weekend. The Intensity is playing for the Tier 2 championship (the team I played for 5 years ago). It will be great to see more of the people I played with win a championship. Not sure how much Women’s football is in my future, not sure it is fulfilling the football junkie in my any more.
The kid’s football is going fast and furious. August 1st I land in Warwick, drive home and change, then hit the field for the kids.
Work is insane, either dead or balls to the wall. I am constantly wondering who will be layed off next and if it will be me. I am one of the few without a penis.
Therapy is still going on. I want to say I miss my Mom, but those words just don’t ring true in my head. I don’t have a missing spot, in fact I have a ton of memories that have decided to resurface now that she is gone and I am no longer trying to prove anything to her.
Love is good some days and insanity others; ups and downs more than I am used to in a relationship, still trying to figure each other out.
I rarely have time to think quietly these days, and honestly I don’t want to be stuck in my head for any more time than I have to anyway, there is always something else to be done.
The house is coming along painfully slow. Siding is done, bathroom is done, the pool took 3 months to go from pond brown to pretty teal clear. M loves the pool; I have not had time to really invite anyone over that is not drop in family. I have stolen some time to sit on the floaties my self and it rocks – made me a bit darker this year, but I think that is just an illusion of more freckles.
The puppy is now a dog, and although he is not brilliant he loves M. We call him doorbell, spedy, teddy, speddy-weddy, teddy-weddy, Theadore and we wonder why he doesn’t know his name.

Sunday at 6am.
Had to get up and take the puppy out to avoid poopies in the house.
I am hoping to go back to bed soon. I thought a short update would be good.

I went to the Bostom Militia play off game last weekend. The Team USA players all came up to me to say hi, and when the Boston team won, those players also met up with me for hugs, and to ask if I would be in Texas.

This reminded me why I do the crazy stuff I do. I do it for the players. That when you are at the top of an organization and deal with... well I can't tell you how many people just many... you can't be friends with everyone, and there will be people who act like assholes, who don't like you, who do like you, who would like to see you fail, succeed, or question your every move.

I will be going to Texas next weekend, J will be coming with me. I am excited about football again and it feels good.

I am hoping to work more with USA Football, IFAF, and Football Canada this fall. Big dreams, big work, hoping I can help Women's Football going forward.

I have no idea how many days I have been here. The sun doesn't set, and I have gotten to the point of it doesn't matter.

I am still PMSing, the good and bad of it. I am trying hard not to be sensitive. My job is to not be in the "in" crowd. I am the liason between US and Sweden/IFAF/LOC.
I don't get to hang with the players, some of the managers hate that I have control of their schedule, no matter what I say it is wrong to someone.

The team has gotten out of the International BBQ tonight, but myself and the other CMD might have to go. It doesn't matter when the game is over I don't have any one to party with anyway.

I guess I am just feeling lonely, tired, sad.
Every time they play the national anthem on the field I remember how proud I am to be and American Woman.
But on down time I just can't stand myself. All the other couples are out sight seeing, walking in the gay district.
Pride starts I think today. I would have no problem walking any place in town alone
I might go read in the park for a few hours and get away from the hotel and these people that I can't talk to anyway.

I think this has really killed football for me.
The huge possibilities that are there make me want to try to work thru it. The connections I have made tonight are awesome.
The drama is so unbearable that I can't talk to any of the other managers or staff about it.
Every one of them is subject to kissing my cheek and stabbing me in the back.

On a good note.
My hair loves swedish water.
I lost my shampoo and conditioner sometime between my last room and sleeping in the equipment room.
I bought only a shampoo because that is what I could afford. mostly no frizz, actually the curls are all soft too.
Going to drink more water and go to the park.

next time you hear from me will be after we win the Gold

Sweden Wed
I was sick yesterday, and I am still a bit sick.
Not convinced it is anything bad, could be the late affects of jet lag, and working an insane schedule.
I have untill 1 this afternoon free, on call to IFAF and Team USA.
I am going to go take more pictures I think if I wake up in time. I think I need a nap already and its only 10am.
The stores and pharmacy do not carry to much in Western medicine. Instead they have Herbs and vitamins to help make you feel better.
We shall see.
I have a boost-zink gum luckily I grabbed the mint flavored instead of licorice.
There are photos on my facebook page (!/profile.php?id=1041974233&ref=ts)

I will try to post more later.

Sweden Wed Schedule
June 30 Wednesday
07:30 – 08:30 Breakfast at Hotel
12:15 Those who need taping go to Stadium
12:15 – 01:00 Lunch on your own
01:00 – 02:45 Practice Full Gear
Leave Lobby at 12:45
3:00 – 6:45 All Players must stay on property
03:00 – 4:30 O-Line in Cat Room
D-Line in Red Room
4:30 – 5:00 QB, RB, WR in Cat Room
DBs, LB in Red Room
7:00 – 7:45 Dinner
08:00 – 10:25 All Players must stay on property
08:00 – 08:40 QB, RB, WR in Cat Room (come with questions)
DBs, LB in Red Room (come with questions)
08:40 – 9:20 O-Line in Cat Room
D-Line in Red Room
09:20 – 10:25 O-Line in Red Room
D-Line in Cat Room
10:25 Success Period – Red Room
10:45 Lights out

Sweden day 5
Still here.
Not insane yet (I think)
Things calmed down.
Team USA won 63 - 0 over Austria.
Our next game is Thursday
I am having trouble sleeping.
18 hours of sunlight and 4 hours of twilight.
I totally missed nightime today, worked thru the night.
Did laundry at 5am, and the busy Team USA day will begin.
A glimpse in the life of managment on Team USA on a non game day:
7-8 breakfast
8-9 hand out changes in daytime schedule that came in after lights out
8:45 Meet IFAF at Practice field
Meet teen host (she looks 15, but is 22 and knows nothing about football. She is good for doing the little things that are needed - sorta)
9-11 Team practice (make sure they have water container, maybe ice - Swedish don't believe in ice)
11-1 find lunch or nap (hard choice at the moment)
1-3:30 Team watches Austria vs Finland
5:15-5:45 Team dinner
6:00-8:30 Team watches Germany vs Sweden
9:30-10:00 Team meeting (I am not needed for this)
9:30 debriefing with IFAF
10:30 Debriefing with Coach/IFAF/Management to go over days events and tomorrow's schedule
11 post tomorrow's schedule
11 Player curfew - Lights out
11:30 hopefully go to bed.

And thats today!

I do feel better about football, but still not sure about it. Time will tell. 1 week left.
Hope you are all well in the states.

Sweden Day 2 well almost 3 now RANT
Long day
I crashed on my 2 hour down time period instead of exploring.
I arrived in Texas to finish some paperwork on Wed night.
Thursday morning went from Austin to Newark then Newark to Sweden landing Friday morning around 7am. While leaving Texas my sun glasses fell off my head and were crushed by the time I turned around to find them.
The flight was much longer than I remembered it.

The experience is awesome, I am running on little sleep, PMS, migraine from not having sunglasses (and refusing to buy a pair for $100), foreign football organizations, US football organizations, at least 30 Type "A" women, coaches, photographers, busses that don't show up, foreign football organization that ruled no alcohol during the women's world championship, then moved meeting dates and times of meeting, then some staff moved practice times without coordinating with me, now I get to go sit at the field for an hour with a trainer that the coach asked me to have show up at the start of the former time, and some other amazing uncordinated crap that goes with so many people so little sleep stress to win the first ever women's world game, and I am typing this at 215am when I need to get up at 6am, so another unrested day ahead and its game day. I have been shuffling schedules, begging for free meeting space, free anything for the team, then be told I need to run with the punches better.

I am hoping that winning tomorrow will take some of the sting out of how I feel now.

I strongly feel at this time that this will either cure my football addiction 100% or I will be uncurable.

Not Rant
Sweden is awesome! All green and alive. The food is all fresh and clean and healthy - I might have a problem coming home and eating crap. My clothes are already looser since Wed when I left. The bed although small is very comfy, I can walk any where or hop on the subway from my hotel.

I am going to attempt a nap before I have to get ready to go to the field.

Sorry for any typos it is late...

Is it Monday Yet?
This has been a long weekend.
Every day untill I go back to Sweden is going to be very full.

For the first time in 5 years I am thinking about not coaching the fall season. I have some serious football burnout going.
I am still thinking about what to do this fall: football, school, breathing, relaxing?


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