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Living the Good Life

Welcome to my life

26 January 1969
Hello my name is: Red – Berleye – Lewi – McSwiggan – L.B. (What’s in a name) I am a football addict. Yes that's right the few weeks off every year from football just about kill me.
Mom - Best Friend - Girl Friend - Family - Top – Domme - Bitch - Softy - Poly – Queer - Kinky – Butch – Femme - FOOTBALL player (the list goes on, it all depends on the moment)
I can go from muddy cleats to 6" thigh high boots in one day, so if you think you have me pegged, think again.
Typical Red headed Aquarius – The world revolves around me, just hang with me for a few weeks and you will know it is true.
My best friend and sports photographer Freddy captures almost every moment of my sports carreer, although I always edit my own pictures out of the web pages.
Visit my boy’s web page www.fbirdimages.com