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Morning post
Red Headed Slut
I was up late chatting last night, I have not done that in a long time.
My migraine medicine had enough caffeine to keep an army awake, so it took me until midnight to go to bed, and probably 1am to fall asleep.

California sent me this rocking picture that was on my mind the entire time I was awake, and into my dreams. Did I mention we have a date in October? October seems like so far away.

I woke up at 5am for no reason, and insisted on staying in bed till 6am, when one of the dogs sounded like he got sick in their crate. I got up to change their bedding and check on them, but there was no physical yick. So I went back to bed for a few more moments, I couldn't take it anymore and got up.

Headed to DD, then the Equipment Shed, then the field. Woonsocket Redskins Week 3 of 9 on the way. Its going to be a wet one today.


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